Ashland, OH Speeding Tickets

Did you receive a speeding ticket while driving through Ashland County, Ohio while traveling on Route 71? A large number of tickets are handed out in this area and they fall into two categories:

  1. Tickets that allow for a payment of the waiver without personal appearance; and
  2. Tickets that require your personal appearance in Ashland Municipal Court.

If you have received a ticket that can be paid without a personal appearance, you are probably going to want to pay it, even if it means getting a couple of points on your license. This is because the local jurisdiction does not reduce speeding tickets to non-point/non-moving violations the way many jurisdictions do.

However, if you received a ticket that requires your personal appearance, you may want to explore hiring counsel. This is due to the fact that this jurisdiction will often times suspend the license of a driver that received a summons for a personal appearance, since personal summonses are issued in the cases of “extreme speed.” 

If you have a ticket that requires your personal appearance, please consider contacting me or another local attorney.